Tee Off Early at Wildwood Golf Course. No one likes to wait on the tee box. Here’s why you shouldn’t have to

Tee Off Early at Wildwood Golf Course. No one likes to wait on the tee box. Here’s why you shouldn’t have to: If you’re ready to play a round of golf, the last thing you want is to have to wait around for an open spot on the course. Why waste your time? Play at Wildwood Golf Course and avoid waiting around.

Wildwood Golf Course is a unique course in that not only does it offer 18 holes of challenging golf, but also has a practice hole for every hole on the course. This means that if you’re ready to play, there will always be an open spot for you.

In addition to having a practice hole for every hole on the course, Wildwood Golf Course also has a driving range where golfers can warm up before their game. The driving range offers both grass and mat tees along with various targets so that golfers can work on accuracy before they hit the links.

Wildwood Golf Course is located in West Lebanon, NH and offers open play as well as leagues throughout the year. For more information please contact us or stop by our pro shop today!

Tee Off Early at Wildwood Golf Course. No one likes to wait on the tee box. Here’s why you shouldn’t have to:

1. You’ll never run out of daylight.

2. You’ll play faster.

3. It’s great exercise!

4. You’ll get better deals with less competition for tee times.

5. You can take advantage of special early bird golf deals, like these:

At Wildwood Golf Course, we strive to reduce wait time for our guests.

We know that more and more people are looking for ways to improve their golfing experience. Waiting on the tee box is one of the most frustrating parts of a round of golf.

The best way to avoid this? Tee off early!

What’s the best time to tee off? Studies have shown that rounds in which players start at 5:30 or 6:30am are up to 20% shorter than those who tee off at 8:30 or later. By playing early, you get more time on the course and less time waiting around. It’s a win-win!

Another benefit to an early tee time is that you could potentially play a second round later in the day. Some golfers have even been known to play 36 holes in a day!

Wildwood Golf Course is a true hidden gem. You can play an enjoyable round of golf in under three and a half hours, and it’s easy to get a tee time that doesn’t conflict with work or other obligations.

As temperatures warm up, the course fills up quickly with eager players wanting to enjoy 18 holes in the beautiful spring weather. By 10:00, tee times are already backed up all afternoon, and by 12:00 they’re completely full.

If you schedule your day around your tee time, you may find yourself waiting on the tee box while the group in front of you navigates the hazards.

There’s no reason to wait when Wildwood offers so many opportunities to play early. Ask any of our regulars; they know that the best way to avoid playing in the hottest part of the day is to plan their rounds around morning tee times.

Booking a morning round allows you to set your own pace and enjoy your game without distractions like swarms of insects or slow-playing groups that aren’t sure what club to use for every shot. It also means that you have time for lunch or dinner at one of our fine local restaurants after your round.

Enjoy an early start at

In some cases, depending on the size of the golf course and the time of year, you can actually play up to 18 holes of golf within a couple of hours!

The earlier you tee off the less crowded it will be – especially at public courses.

You will have more time to enjoy your round.

You’ll experience a better pace of play.

Wildwood Golf Course is one of Calgary’s premier public golf courses and we pride ourselves on providing a great experience for our guests.

Don’t wait all day to get in a round! Book Your Tee Time Today!

If the three most important rules in real estate are location, location, and location, then the three most important rules in golf course architecture could be: routing, routing, and routing. In other words, whether you are playing a links course that sits on the coast of Ireland or a desert track in Scottsdale or a parkland course in Ohio, it is all about finding the right piece of property and then designing a golf course that takes advantage of every inch of it.

I’m not saying that Tom Fazio is wrong when he says his favorite part of his job is building bunkers and greens. I’m just saying that the best architects—people like Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw; Gil Hanse; Tom Doak; David McLay Kidd; Kyle Phillips—understand that clever routing enables them to build better sand traps and putting surfaces.

The first time I played Wildwood Golf Course in Louisville was some 20 years ago at a Kentucky Section PGA event. It was love at first sight. The course has been through a number of renovations since then but has never lost its charm. Like many great courses, Wildwood was built on excellent terrain. As you approach the clubhouse you almost think you are going to walk

We’re big believers that when it comes to golf, more is better. And we don’t just mean more time on the course.

That’s why we recommend teeing off as early as possible. It’s a little known fact that out of all the people who play golf each day, the majority of them will go home without having actually finished their round of golf.

Why? Because they spent too much time waiting around between holes.

Golf courses put too many players on the course at once. This forces players to wait in line between holes, leading to frustration and a bad experience overall.

You can avoid this by playing earlier in the day, before other players have had a chance to tee off yet. This way you’ll be able to play your round without any delays or interruptions.

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