Repairing Greens

Repairing Greens: A blog about how you can maintain a healthy and vital greens.

Having healthy greens is one of the most important parts of maintaining a beautiful looking yard and garden. They are an attractive addition to any landscape and are often regarded as the focal point of a landscaping design.

Plant bed maintenance is the first step to a well maintained garden in front of your home or business. We can help with both commercial and residential plant bed maintenance needs. Plant beds are some of the most important areas for your property’s curb appeal, and we will make sure they look beautiful all year long!

AquaGolf is a company dedicated to the care and treatment of greens for golf courses. Over the years our experience has been in the repair and service of greens. We have developed some of our own techniques that we want to share with you on this blog. Our hope is to provide you with useful information so that you can maintain a healthy and vital green!

We are located in South Carolina, but we work all over the country. We love to travel and meet new people, while also providing great service. We have a team of 30 professionals who are skilled in their craft.

Aqua Golf is a blog about golf course maintenance, specifically greens. This blog is dedicated to professionals and enthusiasts who believes that “a healthy green is a vital green” and wants to learn more about it.

Aqua Golf will be updated regularly with useful content about the topic. These are some of the features that you should expect in the upcoming posts:

Disease prevention and control (like Dollar Spot)

Fertilizer recommendations

Overseedings and aerations

Irrigation systems

Soil profiles and much more!

My name is John Smith and I have been a greens keeper for 25 years. I have seen the best of times, and the worst of times. I have seen the changes in technology and tools that are used to maintain greens. I have had many discussions with other greens keepers, and this blog represents what we do best.

The blog is broken into several sections. Here is a brief overview of each section:

1. General Maintenance: This highlights the general maintenance that should be done on a monthly basis

2. The Right Tool for the Job: This is about how to use the right tool for the job, so you can save time and money in repair costs.

3. Chemical Safety: This covers chemical safety as it relates to our industry, as well as other aspects of safety while working with chemicals.

The golf course greens are a living surface, and like other living things they require maintenance and care. A poorly maintained green can be harmful to the health of the plant.

The first thing to remember is that the number one enemy of a golf course green is insects; including but not limited to crickets, grubs, and moles. The best way to protect your greens from insects is to use good organic methods for keeping them at bay.

It is important to keep the soil around the greens aerated and well drained. Water moves through the soil into the root system of the turf, so it needs plenty of space to move through. If water does not drain properly it will create a compacted area on the surface. The compacted area will not allow air or water to move through and therefore will create an environment that is unhealthy for the grass.

Another problem that can occur when you have a compacted green is mold growth on the surface of the turf. This mold can cause serious damage to your grass, especially if you have any type of fungus growing on your grass such as rust fungus or brown patch fungus. You should remove any visible mold immediately so that you do not encourage more mold growth in that area.

The greens can be the most difficult surface on the golf course to maintain. These surfaces are heavily trafficked and are subjected to a tremendous amount of stress from mowers, carts, and foot traffic. Even with the proper maintenance practices in place, problems will occur at some point. Identifying these problems as soon as possible can help minimize the damage and reduce repair costs.

It is important to inspect greens often, perhaps daily if possible. Although many issues may not be visible from a distance, they may be very apparent when walking amongst the turf.

Inspecting surfaces foot traffic patterns will indicate areas of high traffic pressure

Aqua Golf has been made to provide golfers with an enjoyable and challenging game.

The greens are constructed to USGA standards using a base of sand, gravel and rootzone mix. The surfaces are then seeded with a specialised bent grass seed mix. This is a slow growing grass which is ideal for the construction of golf greens.


Maintaining the greens is very important in keeping the golf course in premium condition. In order to do this we have an agronomist who visits the course on a regular basis and recommends treatments for the greens and fairways.

The bent grass that we use requires constant attention due to its slow growth rate and low cut, therefore it is necessary to ensure that all surfaces are kept free from disease and pests. This is done through careful application of chemicals, heavy irrigation, mowing and rolling.

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