7 Ways Golfers Improved in 2017

7 Ways Golfers Improved in 2017

As a golf pro I have seen the game of golf improve over the years. The players are better, the courses are more challenging and the equipment is constantly improving.

I think 2017 was one of the best years for golf. Here is a list of 7 ways golfers improved in 2017:


There’s no doubt golfers want to improve their games. In 2017, there were 7.2 million new golfers and 0.6% of them improved by at least 10 strokes!

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular ways that golfers improved in 2017:

1. Take Less Practice Swings

2. Make More Putts

3. Swing Faster

4. Hit it Farther

5. Choose a Good Club

6. Improve Your Fitness Level

7. Hire a Golf Coach

1. Better Putting

Golfers improved their putting by 3.6 strokes on average in 2017. The way we did this was by starting to read the greens more and using a mallet putter instead of blade putters. These mallet putters helped us with alignment and assisted us in making more consistent putts. This change resulted in 4 less putts per round of golf which equates to 1 or 2 strokes per round.

Golf is a game of skill and stamina. The most important thing is to be fit. There are many factors that affect how good a player will become, including training and diet. Here are some tips for improving your golf game:

1. Learn the basic rules of golf. If you don’t know what to do, ask someone who does.

2. Practice your swing. Practice makes perfect!

3. Watch videos on YouTube or read books about golfing techniques and strategies. Learn from others who have succeeded in this sport before you!

4. Play with friends who play at a similar level so you can share ideas and get feedback on how they are doing too!

5. Keep track of how many times each club goes into the hole during practice rounds – use this information to improve your score at tournaments!

6. Get plenty of rest before playing any match; lack thereof may lead to fatigue which could result in poor performance or even injury (injuries are common with overuse).

7. Eat well before playing any match; lack thereof may cause fatigue which could result in poor performance or even injury (injuries are common with overuse).

Golfers are always trying to find the next best way to improve their game. New golfing technology is constantly popping up, new training facilities and equipment can be found all over the country, and there is an abundance of information out there to help you improve your swing.

What we have found is that most golfers tend to improve their game based on what they read about in magazines and books. But even then, most golfers don’t actually do anything about it. They spend so much time reading about the latest tips and tricks, but never end up doing anything about it.

So how do you know if you’re making progress? If you’re feeling good about your swing and have a great score, you should be satisfied with your performance. But if you’re not happy with your score or feel like you could use some improvement, then there are some simple things that you can do to make sure that you are improving.

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are over 200 million people who play golf every year. It is estimated that there are 2 billion active golfers and over 300,000 golf courses in the world.

Golf is a sport that you can play throughout your life. Golf is not just a game but also a way to spend time with your friends and family. Golf is a game of skill and strategy. There are many different types of golf games that you can play: stroke play, match play, team play, and more.

Golf is an exercise in precision and accuracy. It requires good hand-eye coordination and balance. Golf requires a lot of practice to master it. You will need to practice your swing every day to improve your game. Golf requires patience, as well as stamina to be able to keep playing for long periods of time without getting tired or frustrated.

Golf is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. You can meet people from all over the world at your local golf course or by joining a club at one of many golf clubs in your area.

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