What Golf Clubs You Need

Golf is a great sport for people of all ages, genders and abilities. It can be played in a casual or competitive setting and is perfect for people who are looking to get some exercise without it feeling like a chore. Golf beginners often feel overwhelmed by the different equipment that is required to play the sport, but it doesn’t have to be this way. This blog will outline the key golf clubs you need for your first set.

Beginners should start with a 3-wood and 5-wood club (also known as fairway woods), which are easier to hit than long irons. The driver may seem tempting but should be kept in the bag until you gain more confidence on the course. Next, you’ll want to add a 7-iron to your club set as well as a putter. These two clubs will allow you to work on your short game while building confidence in your swing. Golf shoes are also crucial to playing your best game, as they provide grip and traction on the turf and keep your feet comfortable during a long day at the course.

Last but not least, a bag for your golf clubs is essential! You don’t want your clubs sitting on the ground after every swing or else you risk damaging them and hurting your back when picking them

You finally decided to take the plunge and buy a set of golf clubs. But how do you know what golf clubs you need? That is a great question and one that can be answered in several different ways.

The first thing to think about when asking yourself what golf clubs you need is your skill level. If you are just beginning, then it is best to start with a basic set of golf clubs. Generally this will include irons, wedges, hybrids and drivers. A basic set of golf clubs for beginners should include:

3-4 woods (drivers, 3 wood, 5 wood)

1 hybrid club

7 iron through sand wedge


Golf Bag

If you’re looking to get into golf, then it’s vital you know what clubs you need. Different clubs are built for different purposes, and if you don’t have the right club for the job – then you’ll find it very difficult to play the game in the way that suits your style of play.

As a beginner, it can be very confusing knowing what golf clubs to purchase. There are literally thousands of options out there, and the prices on some of these clubs can be absolutely ridiculous. The key is to get a set of golf clubs that is just right for your skill level, so that you aren’t overpaying for features you won’t use, but also not getting something that doesn’t suit your needs. If you are a beginner golfer, then we suggest having a driver, a putter, a wedge or two, and one other club (perhaps a 7 or 9 iron).

The best golf clubs for beginners are usually found in complete sets. Complete sets come with a full complement of clubs including wedges and are designed for players just picking up the game. You won’t find any advanced materials or technology in these clubs but they will be reliable and easy to hit

Every golfer needs a great set of golf clubs. If you’re serious about improving your game, you need to make sure that you have the best of the best.

If you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start, it can be overwhelming when trying to find the perfect set for your needs. We’ve broken it down into the different golf clubs that you will need and why. You’ll learn the difference between irons and woods and what wedges are used for.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your current set, we give you our top picks for the best golf clubs on the market today.

So you are looking to buy a set of golf clubs but don’t know what you need or what to look for. This article will explain the different components that go into assembling a set of golf clubs and what each of these parts do. Hopefully by the end you will have a better understanding of how each club can help your game.

Before you even consider buying a golf club you should have a good idea of the type of game you have. You can take lessons from a local pro, hit balls at the range, or even play a few holes to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. By knowing where you currently stand in your game (and possibly where you want to be) will give you an idea of what type of golf club(s) fit your needs.

The first thing to look at is woods/drivers. A wood is used to hit long distance shots that start the ball rolling on the fairway towards the hole. Woods come in various sizes, called “lofts”, which affects how far and high the ball flies. A 3-wood has a smaller loft than a 7-wood, so it’s not as high but goes further, while a driver is meant solely for length and usually has only three loft choices – 9, 10 or

The perfect golf set for beginners comes in two parts: the golf clubs, and the accessories. We’ll break down each category below, starting with the golf clubs.

The Golf Clubs.

Every golf club has a different purpose. A driver is used to hit the ball from the tee box with maximum distance and accuracy. The longer and straighter your drive, the more likely you are to score well on that hole.

A pitching wedge is used for hitting high shots into the air with a lot of spin. This is helpful when hitting over obstacles or trying to get close to the green without landing on it.

A putter is used to get into the hole and score points on a hole.

Putting is one of the hardest things to do in golf because it requires precision in order to drop your ball in a very small area, but if you succeed then you will be rewarded with fewer strokes on that hole than if you were using a different club.


There are many accessories that can help your game, such as tees for teeing off and balls for finding them after they’ve been lost! You should also have plenty of water available so that you don’t get dehydrated while playing this fun sport!

Golf clubs are a huge part of your game, in fact, they make up your game! So it is important that you buy the best golf clubs you can afford. It can be hard though to know where to begin when looking for new clubs. So we have put together our top 5 tips on how to find the right golf clubs for you.

1. Don’t choose on price alone

2. Decide what type of golfer you are

3. Buy second hand

4. Always try before you buy

5. Consider buying a set

It is important to remember that not every golf club is made for every type of golfer and there is no one size fits all. The key is to find what works for you, so that you can improve your game and ultimately enjoy it more!

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