I’m competing in a Flappy Golf Tournament

I’m competing in a Flappy Golf Tournament: A blog about why I started playing flappy golf and how that led me to becoming an amateur champion.

When I was younger, I had the privilege of having a family member who worked at a golf course. He taught me how to play golf, and since then I have always loved the game. The main reason why I play golf is because it is a great way to stay in shape while being competitive.

I enjoy playing games with my friends and this has led me to being interested in competitive gaming. When I first heard of flappy bird, I thought it sounded interesting but I didn’t know what to expect. My friends started playing it as well and we all became hooked on trying to beat each other’s scores. After awhile though, we got bored with just playing against each other so we decided that we should try something new…we decided to start our own tournament!

I’m competing in a Flappy Golf Tournament: A blog about why I started playing flappy golf and how that led me to becoming an amateur champion.

I am a 19 year old Maths student from Germany. This is my first article for this blog and it will be about how I started playing Flappy Golf in 2014, how it got me into competitive golf and what will happen on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of April 2017.

During my last winter holidays, my girlfriend introduced me to the game Flappy Bird. As everybody probably remembers, it was an extremely popular mobile game in which you had to guide a little bird through gaps between pipes without touching them. That resulted in very high scores and a competitive environment. In this environment, I too started to play it obsessively.

But after some time I found myself wanting more of a challenge than just getting a higher score than the one before. I wanted to prove myself against other players, but that was something that Flappy Bird didn’t offer me.

I’m competing in a Flappy Golf Tournament.

I never thought I would write those words.

If you had asked me six months ago if I would be writing these words, I would have laughed at you. “I don’t even like Flappy Bird,” I would have said. “No one likes Flappy Bird. It’s a terrible game!”

But here we are, and I am a changed man.

I was once of the opinion that Flappy Bird was a pointless waste of time: the sort of thing only an idiot would bother with. But no longer; I now know that I was wrong about Flappy Bird all along, and it turns out that there is more to this game than meets the eye.

A few months ago, my friend Jim asked me if I wanted to join him in playing Flappy Golf: a game which is basically just Flappy Bird repackaged into a slightly more palatable format (or so it seems at first). At first, I wasn’t really sure why he wanted me to play; it seemed like a pretty pointless exercise to me. And yet there was something about Jim that made me want to say yes…

I was never a big fan of Flappy Golf. I played it occasionally when I felt like wasting time. I never realized that the game had a competitive aspect to it.

Recently my friend challenged me to a game of Flappy Golf. At first I thought he was joking, but he was completely serious. He decided to play professionally and wanted me to join him.

I didn’t realize at the time, but this would change my life forever. I got completely addicted to Flappy Golf and ended up becoming an amateur champion in less than a year!

I already knew that Flappy Golf was a fun game, but I didn’t know much about the game beyond that. Something that I learned right off the bat was that there is a community of diehard Flappy Golf fans, and they were involved in a tournament.

After seeing the tournament, I decided to compete in it. The only problem: I didn’t take it seriously enough to practice, and got destroyed. I ended up placing last!

I wasn’t going to let my loss get me down though; I wanted to get better. So, I set up a practice course at home, where I spent countless hours trying to perfect my technique. After several months of hard work, my skills improved dramatically.

This time around when I entered the tournament I was super excited about it and had high hopes for myself and for my performance during the competition.

I had been playing golf for about a year and a half when I first found out about Flappy Golf. At first glance, it seemed to be an easy game that anyone could play. But once I started playing it, I realized there was more to it than that. The good news is that the more you play, the better you get and once you’re hooked, there’s no turning back!

I saw my first flappy golf course in November of 2014 at a local tournament. It was set up on a practice green with two holes and a tee box. There were some flaps (which looked like flags) on top of each hole and they were used as targets. Each flap had a number on it which represented how many strokes it would take to make the ball go through the hole without hitting anything along the way. I played the game once that day and although I didn’t win any prizes, I enjoyed myself so much that I wanted to keep playing!

When my friend told me about this tournament called “Flappy Golf” in February 2015, I immediately signed up for it because he said he needed one more person to fill his team (and also because he promised me free pizza)! We ended up coming in

I heard about a Flappy Golf tournament in London and decided to enter as I was at the time pretty good. I was really nervous about the whole thing but I thought what’s the worst that could happen?

I practiced for months, with many different techniques and angles to try and find the perfect shot. The competition was tough, so I had to be on top of my game!

When it came down to it, I was so nervous that I forgot how to play the game. Somehow I still managed to get 3rd place. That’s when I realised that practice makes perfect. And if you have fun while doing it, it doesn’t feel like work!

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