Ask a Golf Pro Need Expert Tips and Advice on Golf? Here’s Where to Go

Ask a Golf Pro: Need Expert Tips and Advice on Golf? Here’s Where to Go

A blog where golf pros answers questions regarding anything golf related.

Ask a Golf Pro is a great resource for any golfer in need of some expert tips and advice. Whether you’re looking for help with your swing, need to know which clubs to buy, or just want to ask an expert about a tricky lie you got yourself into, this site is the place to go.

The goal of the site is simple: give visitors access to top-notch golf advice from professionals in an easy-to-understand format. To do so, the site features short videos in which one of their expert instructors will answer any question that is sent their way.

To ask your question, simply fill out the online form with your name and email address as well as the question itself. Or if you prefer, you can upload a video of yourself hitting some balls at the range and they’ll give you their feedback on what they see. You can even book private lessons with one of their pro instructors if you really want to take your game to the next level! Just click here for more information about how it works (and what it costs).


A blog where golf pros answer questions on anything golf-related.

The Ask a Golf Pro blog is dedicated to answering your questions about all things golf. Whether you want to know about the latest golf technology or simply need help with your swing, our team of experts can help you out.

Our experts will answer any question you have regarding golf, from how to make a perfect putt to which club is best for your game.

This blog has been created by our team of professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with other golfers. Have fun!

There is a lot of golf advice out there, but not all of it is good. So where do you go for the best information? How about a golf pro whose job it is to help you? Here are a few places on the web where you can ask a pro and get a knowledgeable response from an expert in the field.

Ask A Golf Pro This site has been around for years and gets some good advice from PGA professionals. There are a couple of ways to use Ask A Golf Pro: You can either search through their collection of archived answers or submit your own question by email. It’s not the most elegant site (the search function doesn’t work very well), but they have a huge collection of questions and answers that may contain just what you need to improve your game.

Golf Tips Magazine Forum This online community allows you to post your questions, read up on others, and listen in on conversations between other golfers and pros. The forum covers all aspects of the game with topics ranging from equipment reviews to lessons on how to hit the ball farther with less effort. There are several PGA pro members who regularly contribute their expertise as well.

PGA Tour University – Expert Q&A Another site sponsored by PGA Tour pros

Want to improve your game? It’s time to ask a golf pro.

Golf is no longer the domain of the elite. Anyone can pick up a club and play. With that being said, you still need to know how to swing a club properly. If you don’t, you won’t be able to enjoy the game as much as you could.

Many people think learning how to play golf means taking lessons from a golf pro. While that is an option, it isn’t always needed. You can find plenty of tips and advice on the internet and in books nowadays.

If you do want some professional help with your swing, though, there are some places where you will get good advice from a qualified instructor. Here are some places where you can find great golf training:

Here’s where you can go to get your golf questions answered by a PGA pro. We have golfers on our site who have been PGA members for more than 30 years, as well as younger pros who are eager to share their knowledge. They’re all great guys with tons of experience.

Send them your questions using the form below, and they’ll answer them on our blog!

PGA Pro: Dave MacKenzie

Dave MacKenzie is a PGA member from Canada.

He’s a Master Professional and he’s been a PGA member since 1988. He’s an excellent instructor, and he loves working with both beginners and advanced students. If you’ve got questions about how to hit the ball better or how to make golf less frustrating, be sure to ask him!

There are a variety of golf tips for beginners and advanced players alike. If you are looking for help with your golf, you can find some here.

Golf is one of the easiest sports to learn. All you need is a good course and some knowledge of the rules. Golf has been around since ancient times. In fact, it was even played by the Roman Emperor Nero. There are many different types of courses around the world and each one has its own challenges.

There’s something about playing golf that makes you want to keep on playing it. You can’t stop yourself from hitting those balls or putting those clubs down, even if it means spending hours on end out in the hot sun or cold windy weather.

It’s a great sport for getting out there and getting active! It’s also fun to play with friends and family, so why not start learning how to play today?

Question: I’m looking to improve my game, but I’m not sure how to get started. Do you have any tips for finding the right teaching pro?

Answer: The first thing I tell golfers is that there is no magic bullet. Playing great golf requires commitment. You need to be willing to put in the time, the effort and the practice—and you need to make sure you are working with an instructor who can help you reach your goals and dreams.

That said, there are some great resources out there for finding a golf pro who will be able to give you a helping hand.

The PGA of America is one such resource. The PGA has about 28,000 members—more than 8,000 of whom are certified as teaching professionals. These men and women have gone through rigorous training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to teach golf at all levels—beginner, intermediate and advanced.

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