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The Right Golf Club For You: A blog about how to find a golf club that best fits your game.

The Right Golf Club For You is an online resource for news and information related to the game of golf. This website aims to be the most comprehensive resource available on the internet for people who are looking for specific information about different types of clubs and what type of clubs might be best for their particular needs.

The Right Golf Club For You was created by three avid golfers who have spent countless hours on the course, as well as many more hours researching different types of clubs and trying new ones out. With this blog we hope to share our knowledge with others in order to help them make informed decisions about which club will work best for them.

Topics covered on this site include:

* How To Choose A Golf Club

* Best Golf Clubs On The Market

* Best Golf Putters On The Market

* Best Golf Drivers On The Market

* Best Golf Irons On The Market

* Best Fairway Woods On The Market

* Best Wedges On The Market**

The best way to find the right club for you is to try out some clubs. Most golf stores and driving ranges have a few clubs available for you to use as a demo. So, don’t be afraid to take a club for a test drive.

If you are looking for the right driver, don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Drivers are designed for distance and loft is what gets the ball in the air. It’s not uncommon for a golfer who usually uses an 8° driver to find that a 10° or 11° driver will give them more distance off the tee.

You may have heard that you should get fitted for your clubs, but have you heard why? The fit of your golf club is very important when it comes to your ability to hit straight shots. A golf club that is too long will force you to adjust your swing plane, which can lead to inconsistent contact with the ball. A club that is too short will limit your range of motion and could also cause an adjustment in your swing plane. If either scenario occurs, it will be difficult to hit consistent shots or make solid contact with the ball.

A custom fitting can solve these problems and help you be at your best on the course. The professional staff at

We all have different body types, and we all have different skill sets. Because of that, it is important to find the right golf club for you! Whether you are a beginner or a professional golfer, we want to help you find the club that is just perfect for your swing.

Are you a slow swinging female? Are you an average male with an average swing speed? Are you a pro with the longest driver on tour? Golf Central has content for everyone!

Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!

One of the most common questions I get asked by new golfers is, “What kind of golf club should I be using?”

It’s a great question and a complicated one. You aren’t necessarily looking for a specific club, but a certain type that best fits your swing. To find this, you need to consider your experience level and your playing style.

To start, it’s important to understand that there are different types of clubs and different styles of players who use them. For example, someone just starting out might naturally gravitate toward a set of game improvement irons, while an experienced player might prefer blade irons.

The difference between these two types of irons is the amount of offset (the distance from where the clubface meets the ball to where the shaft enters the clubhead). Game improvement irons have more offset, which makes it easier for beginners to hit the ball squarely at impact. Blade irons have less offset, which allows better players to manipulate the ball more easily.

Choosing the right golf club is one of the most important parts of a golfers game. The right club will help you get the best shot possible. You need to make sure that it is comfortable and easy to swing. There are many types of golf clubs but there are only four main types of golf club: woods, irons, hybrids, and putters.

Woods are used as the longest hitting clubs in your bag. They have a large head and long shaft. They also have a flat bottom which allows players to hit off the tee box with ease and comfort. These clubs include drivers, fairway woods, and utility woods. They are made from stainless steel making them heavier than other clubs in your bag.

Irons are typically used for short range shots around the green or for getting out of bunkers or roughs on the course. They are made from stainless steel as well and can also be called wedges. Most sets include irons 3 to 9 with pitching wedge (PW), sand wedge(SW), and lob wedge(LW).

Hybrids can be considered between an iron and wood in design and performance. They evolved over time when players started using their fairway woods less frequently because they were not reliable enough to use on the

It’s getting to be that time of year again. While the summer months can be a real necessity for your golf game and you may find yourself itching to get out on the course, there is no denying that the fall and winter months are particularly rough for golfers. However, just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean that you need to pack up your clubs until next summer. In fact, this is an excellent opportunity to work on your game and improve your swing so when spring rolls around again, you are ready to hit the green running.

One of the best ways to improve your golf game in the off season is through indoor practice. You can improve your swing by simply hitting balls into a net placed in your garage or even get some practice shots in when you have some free time at work as long as there is enough space available. Another great way to improve your golf game during the off season is by investing in a Golf Simulator. Golf Simulators are a fantastic way of improving your swing since they allow you to visualize ball movement, club head speed and launch angle immediately after impact which gives you plenty of feedback about how well you did with each shot and what areas need improvement.

A good golf swing has three parts: the takeaway, the downswing and the follow-through. The takeaway and the follow-through are two of the most important elements of a golf swing. If you want to add distance to your drives, increase the speed at which you start and finish your swing.

The takeaway is the first part of the golf swing that occurs after you address the ball. During this step, you pull the club back. Use a slow, even motion to bring the club back as far as it will go before starting your downswing.

After your downswing results in contact with the ball, your follow-through begins. This motion completes your swing by bringing the club around to rest at waist level on your opposite side. At this point, your arms should be fully extended and away from your body. Make sure that you have a smooth transition from your downswing into your follow-through for a complete and successful swing.

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