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Top 5 Most Amazing Golf Trick Shots Ever

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The world of golf trick shots and shots that people have been able to execute using their skill, talent and imagination is huge. From hitting balls over a bridge to sinking impossible putts, golfers are constantly pushing the boundaries and coming up with new ways to entertain us all. Here are just a few of the best golf trick shots ever captured on camera.

5. Golf Across The River Severn

Probably one of the most famous and most spectacular golf tricks ever is the hit across the river Severn in Cardiff Bay by Ben Wright in 2002. This amazing shot was performed to win a Jaguar car as part of the Tiger Woods tournament that year. Ben’s shot traveled an incredible 235 yards to get across the river. He hit it out of sight and it landed on the green so far away that it was hard to see where it had gone. Luckily for Ben he wasn’t relying on his own eyesight as he had lined up some ‘spotters’ on the other side who told him when his ball landed on the green. It was a long shot but he managed to pull it off!

Top 5 Most Amazing Golf Trick Shots Ever:

Golf trick shots are a great way for golfers to show off their skills, and these top 5 most amazing golf trick shots ever are no exception. The sheer amount of concentration, skill, and luck it takes to be able to pull off these shots is incredible. So prepare yourself as you are about to witness some of the greatest and most amazing golf trick shots ever performed.

5. The World’s Longest Golf Trick Shot

This was a world record attempt by a couple of guys trying to break the world record for the longest trick shot in golf history. If you think this is just a stunt, then you probably haven’t heard of David Edwards and his partner John Manley. They are part of a group called “The Golf Channel Academy”.

4. Golf Trick Shot: Back To The Future

This trick shot is actually part of a campaign for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe that was released in 2009. In it, Chris Ruchala does an amazing backflip onto a tee (which is not easy), tosses the ball into the air, hits it with his driver, and then continues on with another backflip before landing perfectly on his feet. This shot is actually pretty impressive with the back

Golf is a very popular sport, however, it is not necessarily easy. We’ve all seen the videos of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy make seemingly impossible trick shots in tournaments. Here are some of our favorite trick shot videos to watch.

This video is a compilation of amazing trick shots by professional golfers. This video gives you some idea what professionals are capable of when they have time to practice.

This next video is a compilation of some of the greatest trick shot fails on YouTube. Many people attempt trick shots that look like they might be possible, only to fail in hilarious ways.

This next video is by Hank Haney, former swing coach for Tiger Woods and current teacher for Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan among others. He attempts some simple tricks under pressure from Phil Mickelson and other pros that are quite amusing at times.

The first video shows the craziest trick shots ever made by regular people who have time to practice and perfect their shots. The second video has more amazing trick shots by regular people – this one includes several trick shots using hockey sticks as well as other sports equipment like baseball bats, putters and pool cues to hit golf balls into difficult locations around a house or office!

On the fifth day of the third stage of the European PGA tour in Spain, Spain’s golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez was trapped in a bizarre accident. On a par 3 hole, his Golf ball rebounded right back on his face causing a fracture to his upper jaw. He was playing at the time with a marker and they were playing alternate shots. It was Miguel’s turn to hit the ball when he hit it but unfortunately not far enough. The ball was headed straight towards him and there was nothing he could do except put his hands up to shield himself from being hit by it. His quick reflexes saved him a lot of pain as the golf ball hit one of his hands and rebounded away from him and landed close to him on the course.

Miguel had no choice but to continue playing despite his injury as he needed to complete this stage of the tournament as he is one of the top money winners on that tour and only two players qualify for each stage. He still managed a birdie on that hole despite having fractured his upper jaw! The following day he underwent surgery on his upper jaw where they inserted six screws into it to help mend the fractures. After this ordeal Miguel lost four kilos in weight due to all this stress and pain but is

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