The Best Way to Keep Your Golf Clubs Organized

The most important thing about your golf clubs is where they are. There are many ways to keep these things organized: stores in boxes, closets and drawers, racks on the wall, shelves in the garage, and so on. The problem is that it’s hard to know which way is best without a lot of experience.

A simple solution: if you start using your blog as a log of what you find out, you won’t have to do this stuff yourself.

A golf club is a lot like a gun, in that it’s hard to keep clean. For example, I recently learned that the abrasive dust from sanding the countertops at home can ruin your driver, even if you use a brush to clean it.

A dirty driver is bad enough, but when you hit the ball it will travel in an arc, and you’ll have to adjust for that arc just as with a bullet fired from a gun. After a while you’ll find yourself making the same corrections over and over again. That’s why it’s good to keep your clubs organized into good-looking racks.

The best way to do that is by building cabinets. First build a frame of 2x4s, then attach the shelves and doors from Ikea. I’ve found that by using either 1/2 inch plywood or oak plywood that has been finished on the face with spar urethane (spary), you get nice tight joints without having to glue anything together. You can buy spar urethane at any home improvement store or lumber yard; it comes in several thicknesses, so be careful not to get too much at once or use too much in one area of your cabinet.

The minimum size for cabinets depends on how

The reason golf clubs have so many different designs is that they will never be used by the same person twice. They are not made to fit a particular person’s hand, but to make them easier to hit into holes. So what kind of golfer are you? If you hit your ball pretty straight and land it halfway down the fairway, you’ll probably use an umbrella-shaped club with a typical loft of 18 degrees. If you hit your ball pretty far but land it in some bushes or trees, you’ll need a wedge with a loft of 13 degrees. A golfer who hits a lot of shots from the rough needs a hybrid club with two kinds of lofts that hit low and high.

The point is: no one uses clubs the same way twice. So how do you keep your clubs organized? You can do it the hard way and buy different-shaped sets for each shot position, but that’s a pain in the neck. It’s easy enough to get some rollers for each club and label them according to shot location, but that doesn’t help if you lose one of your rollers. And if you want to take it further, you could write down which clubs go with which shot position in your phone. But even then it still won

We’re all pretty lazy when it comes to keeping our clubs in good shape. If you have a house with a lot of stairs, you probably don’t do anything about the clutter of an overflowing rack. If you have, say, a garage, you might be able to keep your clubs organized. But most of us have to get by without that kind of help.

It’s not always easy to keep things tidy and orderly, but it can be done. The key is to keep everything in its place–and then to find the place where everything belongs.

There are two general approaches that work. One is to use a golf bag with dividers, like the bags used by touring pros. This helps with organization, but it makes it hard to take clubs out when you need them and puts your clubs at risk of damage if they fall over or get knocked around when you don’t need them.

The other option is just to use some kind of storage rack or basket. This is much more practical, but it can make it difficult for you to see what’s inside the rack and hard for others to see what’s inside your bag because the rack conceals the labels on the bags themselves.

If you buy a new set of clubs and want them organized before

When you have a lot of golf clubs, it’s easy to feel like they’re all scattered around the house. You can tuck them away in drawers, bookcases and closets, but they are still loose. They still feel like clutter. You need a way to organize them that keeps them neat and easy to find, so you’ll be able to hit the course quickly and efficiently.

This article shows you how to make your own cabinet for your golf clubs. I used two types of cabinets: one for my long irons, the other for my wedges. I put the heads of my clubs into the long-iron cabinet, so that it was easier to find them when I wanted to hit a tee shot or play a putt. The wedges went into a second drawer in the door where I could reach them easily without having to open up the whole cabinet.

Storing your clubs in a golf box keeps them neat and easy to find, while storing everything else loose creates clutter in your garage or basement. What’s more, putting your clubs into storage boxes can help keep you organized throughout the year.

The key is keeping things organized with tags and labels so you know what you have when you need it. You may want to buy shrink

For those who like to keep their clubs in the garage, or on the porch, or under the bed, there’s a lot of competition for how best to do it. The obvious solution is to store them in cabinets or drawers. But these aren’t always convenient; and even when they are, you can’t easily see what’s inside them. You don’t want to have to go looking for your driver when you need it.

Another popular solution is to buy a big plastic storage unit, with some dividers and shelves and hooks, so you can keep things separated and tidy. But these also have their disadvantages:

First of all, if you want to put something else in it, you have to get it out of your closet or box first. Otherwise the new thing will hit against the sides of the old thing, and one or both will fall over. And then there’s the problem of finding where everything lives again when it’s time to take something out.

I’ve found that most people solve these problems by having a bunch of small boxes in their closets, each holding a couple dozen clubs.

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