Dino Golf at Dino Island

Dino Golf at Dino Island: A blog about a great new golf course built on the very ground where dinosaurs once roamed.

We are still in the process of building our course and expect to open by April. As we prepare for opening day, we will post pictures of our construction.

Dino Island is located just off Highway 80 near exit 67. It’s about an hour drive from Sacramento, San Francisco, and Oakland. We are located 25 miles from the San Francisco airport and have arranged a special deal with San Francisco Limousine Service to provide transportation to our resort for $100 per person. Please call us at (800) 555-5555 for reservations or more information about this special deal.

Dino Golf at Dino Island is a great new golf course built where the dinosaurs used to roam. It is located on an island in the South Pacific with beautiful views of the ocean and of active volcanoes.

The course has three 9-hole layouts that can be played in three 18 hole combinations. The holes are named after dinosaurs, with such names as Ankylodocus and Stegasaurus. The terrain is mostly open with a few tree-lined fairways and several water hazards that come into play on about half the holes.

The greens are average size and have medium speed, but are undulating and difficult to read. There are no bunkers but there are some rough areas, and most holes have natural lava formations incorporated into their design.

Dino Island has opened a new dino golf course. We built it where the dinosaurs used to roam and play, but don’t worry about them, they’re all gone now for sure.

Dinosaurs are big and scary and dangerous, so you might ask: why build a golf course at all? Well, because the dinosaurs are gone now, we have plenty of room. And because dinosaurs are big and strong, they would make great caddies! But also because we want to honor them as part of our history and our tradition. We thought long and hard about what best to build on Dino Island, and in the end decided that what Dino Island needed was a dino golf course.

We know there were dinosaurs here because we found their bones underground, when we were digging for dinosaur bones. That’s another thing dinosaurs are great for: digging for dinosaur bones. They’re big enough to see from far away so you can find your way to them easily. And once you get there, they leave lots of traces like footprints or marks on the ground that show you where they’ve been.

And finally there’s their poop–which is perfect for identifying them if you know how to read it!

Dino Island is a great place to see dinosaurs, and now it’s a great place to play golf! The new course is world-class, with hundreds of species of dinosaurs roaming the fairways.

To book your tee time, visit dinoislandgolf.com!

The newest golf course in the country is “Dino Island”. It’s located right next to an old dinosaur graveyard, and many of the holes are played right through the dinosaur graveyard.

The 18 hole course plays along a river and then through a forest before finishing up at the old dig site. Though I’m not as good a golfer as I would like to be, I’ve never seen such a beautiful course. The fact that there were dinosaurs roaming the course 10 million years ago makes it even more interesting.

It’s fun to see the skeleton of a T-Rex peeking out from behind a tree on the ninth hole, or the head of a Brontosaurus poking out from behind one of the bunkers. You really get to play golf among the dinosaurs.

The clubhouse is also built in an old dinosaur museum that was closed down last year. You can still see some of the old exhibits inside if you have time after your game (or while waiting for other players to finish).

If you are ever in our area, you should come out and take advantage of this new course. It will only be open for another few months before construction begins on homes and businesses in this area.

Dino Island is the best place to golf in the world. We feature a variety of holes, including par 3 and par 5. The course meanders through the trees of Dino Island, making it a challenging course for everyone.

Our signature hole is number 17. It is a 350-yard par 4 that has you hitting over a lake and landing on an island green. It’s hard to hit at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be back again and again.

Dino Island was built in 2000 by Thomas Dinofish. He wanted to create a place where families could come together and have fun while challenging their golfing skills.

We are open for business every day from 8AM to 8PM. Check out our website or call us at 555-976-GOLF for more information or to schedule your round at Dino Island today!

We have just opened up Dino Island, the best golf course in all of Florida. Nestled on a beautiful island paradise with lush green fields and crystal blue waters, our golf course is the perfect place to spend a day or two with your friends and family.

Dino Island has 18 holes of the best golf you will ever play. And our staff is always ready to meet your needs. From our caddy girls who can help you aim straight to our professional groundskeepers who keep the course in top shape, we are here for you every step of the way.

What sets us apart from other courses is that we have four tee boxes per hole! This means that even if you are a beginner golfer, you will still be able to enjoy this beautiful course. Plus, we have putt-putt courses for kids so they can play while the adults enjoy their game.

We hope to see you soon!

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