sub70 golf

Sub70 Golf is an upcoming golf equipment company. Sub70 Golf manufactures golf clubs, bags, and apparel.

In the short-term, Sub70 Golf will focus on the development of its technology and will seek to sell its product to a limited customer base in order to garner feedback and make improvements.

In the long-term, Sub70 Golf will focus on marketing and distribution in order to become a world-renowned golf brand with a loyal customer following.

sub70 golf is a manufacturer of high performance golf clubs. The company was founded in 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona by Adam Barr and Michael Block.

sub70 golf has developed a revolutionary new technology that eliminates the need for a professional club fitter. Simply choose your flex, length, grip and shaft type and the company will build the clubs to fit your specific swing and ball flight tendencies.

All sub70 golf clubs are built with premium components and have been engineered to deliver extreme consistency, more forgiveness, tighter dispersion and greater distance than off-the-rack clubs from other companies. Each set of clubs comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The founders of sub70 golf were two friends who had a great idea to launch their own golf company in the United States.

They had been golfing together for years and they were extremely passionate about the sport, but there was something missing – they wanted to do more with the sport than just play it.

Inspired by the success of other entrepreneurs in this industry, they decided to start their own business.

Their passion for the sport translated directly into the design and development of their products.

They have designed a new range of golf balls that are made from recycled plastics and are 100% biodegradable.

They also launched a new set of golf clubs that are made with a lighter material and are more aerodynamic than ever before.

At sub70 Golf, our mission is to make performance-level golf clubs affordable to everyone. Our clubs are built and designed by golfers, for golfers. Our flagship product is The Code Black driver, which has been received as one of the best players drivers in the market while still being a fraction of the cost of competitors’ models.

We are currently seeking an investor who believes in our vision of making high-quality products with affordable price points. With your investment, we will continue to grow our product offerings and expand our customer base.

Sub70 is the leading provider of golf products for the serious golfer. Our products are designed to provide a competitive advantage and to enhance the on-course experience. Sub70 is committed to a “no shortcuts” approach to product design, development and delivery.

Our success is due in large part to our team of dedicated employees. If you share our passion for excellence and innovation, we would like to hear from you. We offer a competitive salary, benefits package, and an opportunity for professional growth.

Sub70 has grown by 150% since its inception in 2004. This growth has been fueled by three key product innovations:

The first automatic golf club that hits itself

The first irons made out of gold

The first titanium driver with no head

“At sub70, we pride ourselves in being the most innovative golf equipment company in the industry. Our products are designed with the golfer in mind, ensuring that every club produces maximum distance and accuracy for your swing.

We strive to produce only the best equipment for our customers because we believe that golf is a game of respect.”

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