How to save money on golf equipment without sacrificing performance

Golf Rival is a blog about saving money on golf equipment without sacrificing performance.

The blog is aimed at beginner to intermediate golfers who are looking to save money on their golf equipment while still maintaining performance.

The blog will look at replacing expensive items with less expensive alternatives to help save a few bucks.

Golf rival is a golf equipment review site. We find the best and least expensive alternatives for golf clubs. We also review the top selling golf clubs and give our honest opinion on their performance.

We have been playing, collecting, and selling all types of golf equipment for over 20 years. We’ve noticed that in many cases you can save a lot of money without sacrificing performance.

We have gone through several thousand clubs comparing their performance to more expensive models. Our findings are surprising! Many times the less expensive club outperforms the big name brand at a fraction of the price.

Golf rival’s goal is to help anyone maximize their performance while not breaking the bank.

Golf equipment can be expensive, but cheaper alternatives give you the same performance.

I am a professional golfer. I have been playing golf for 15 years and have won many tournaments.

Most people think that the only way to play good golf is with expensive clubs and balls, but this is not true. I use cheaper alternatives because they give me the same performance as more expensive brands.

If you want to play better golf then check out my blog post on the best golf tips for beginners.

In the world of golf, many manufacturers are eager to charge top dollar for the latest and greatest in golf technology, even though testing shows that the newest models are not much better than last year’s models.

There is a good reason for this: There is no money in selling a club with the same performance as last year’s model, but at a lower price. Golfers are more interested in “new and improved” than they are in actual performance.

But there is another way to get more out of your golfing dollar: Wait until the end of season when prices drop on last year’s models. The performance will be almost identical, but you will save hundreds of dollars.

Or you could go all the way and buy used clubs. You can pick up a set of Callaway Big Bertha irons – which were some of the top-rated irons on the market three years ago – for $200 or less on eBay. You can find hundreds of other bargains just like this if you try.

I have always loved golf, since I was young. It has been a hobby, and an occasional business pursuit. A few years ago, I decided to spend some of my time looking at alternatives to well known brands and reading reviews on products that I never thought would be worth my time.

I have come to the realization that there is so much out there that I never knew existed. And the reviews from people like me who love golf and want to share their experiences are very helpful in determining whether or not you want to try something new.

I’ve also come to realize that there are products out there at a fraction of the cost of better known products that can actually outperform them. That is why I created this blog. The goal is for us all to share our experiences with whatever it may be; equipment, courses, lessons, etc.

The game of golf is a unique one. It’s an individual sport, a recreational sport, and it is also a professional sport. Many people enjoy the game for its relaxing qualities; others for its competitive ones. But no matter what level you’re playing at or why you play the game, there are two things that are true: you want to improve your game, and you want to save money.

If you’re like many other golfers out there, you might think those two goals are mutually exclusive. After all, everyone knows that the best way to save money is by buying used equipment and buying it in bulk. The problem with this approach is that the quality of used equipment can be highly variable and buying in bulk means that you’ll end up paying more than you would have if you’d just bought one item at a time.

But there is another way: buying new equipment in small quantities and then reselling it on Ebay. If this sounds like a risky venture, don’t worry: I’ve been doing it for years now and have made over $20,000 in profit!

I’m not a scratch golfer, but I do play to a 4 handicap. I also have a full time job, so I do not have the opportunity to play nearly as much as I would like. I like to spend my time playing golf and not looking for my ball. My personal philosophy is that there are no bad shots, just errant shots.” (Source: Golf Digest)

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