How To Improve Your Putting By Putting Properly

How To Improve Your Putting By Putting Properly

How to putt better can be accomplished by a simple change in your putting technique. What you do is simply change the way you putt so that the ball rolls on its equator. That’s it. There are no gimmicks, no gadgets, no special drills or practice routines. Just putt the ball on its equator and you will sink more putts than ever before.

The reason why this is so powerful is because of the effect it has on the roll of the ball. When a golf ball rolls along its equator, it will not have any sidespin. This is important because when there is no sidespin, there will be no skidding and the roll out of a putt will be true and predictable. Additionally, when a golf ball rolls on its equator, it will not hop or jump at all but instead it will roll smoothly like a wheel along an asphalt road at high speed.

If you’re putting with any type of sidespin due to rotation imparted on the ball by an open face at impact or by striking the back of the ball with an open clubface, then there is a good chance you’re having trouble getting your putts to drop into the hole. And

You can improve your putting by putting properly. Understanding the proper golf putting techniques will help you to become a better golfer. The techniques discussed here are just as relevant whether you’re using a real or artificial putting green.

The technique for putting is different from all other golf shots because we’re not trying to hit the ball, only to roll it. While a full swing shot goes directly upwards after impact, on a putt the ball should go straight into the hole with no backspin.

To achieve this, the putter blade must strike the ball at 45 degrees, with a square face and on the equator of the ball.

Firstly, let’s look at how NOT to putt…

When we putt badly, it’s usually because we’ve done one (or more) of these things:

Hitting up on the ball (lifting it off the ground). This will almost certainly result in backspin and a missed putt.

Swinging outside-to-in (sometimes called ‘slicing’). This results in sidespin and pulls your putts to the left.

Swinging inside-to-out (sometimes called ‘hooking’). This results in sidespin and pulls your

The Golf Putting Mat is a simple and effective golf training aid for improving your putting. It will teach you how to putt more consistently and better.

The Golf Putting Mat helps in many ways. Learn to consistently start the ball off on line, on a straight path, with more accuracy and better distance control. Test the speed of the greens before you play. Practice in the comfort of your home or office.

This golf putting mat comes directly from one of the top golf teaching pros in America, as seen on TV and ESPN radio.

In every other area of your golf game you would never dream of practising on a bad lie, an uneven lie or an impossible lie. So why do most golfers practise their putting on a flat surface that is nothing like the reality of the greens?

Truestroke has developed a new way for you to practise your putting. A way that forces you to putt properly and one that gives instant feedback on all areas of your putting stroke. A way that helps you to improve your putting beyond anything you have ever known before.

This way is called the Truestroke Golf Putting Mat. The reasons for this are:

The mat has been designed so that there are no flat areas, it has been constructed using 5 different layers of turf all with different degrees of slope and undulation, not just on the target line but also across it. This means that when batting the ball to aim it at the target hole, it will roll off line in exactly the same way as it would on a real green (not straight!!). The mat has been built in such a way that if you don’t hit the ball properly or with enough pace it will stop before reaching its target – exactly as it would do on a real green. If you don’t strike

The Intelliputt putting mat is a high quality, durable golf putting mat built by golfers for golfers. It is designed to simulate the look and feel of real greens with minimal maintenance. The mat comes in 5 different lengths to allow for a variety of different putting practices. Whether you are working on your speed control, putter face alignment, or simply looking for a way to practice putting at home, this will be the perfect product for you!

The Intelliputt putting mat is great for all different levels of golfers and can even be used as an aid during lessons. This is truly one of our best selling products!

I’ve been playing golf now for about 8 years. I still love the sport to this day, but it’s frustrating. I’m not a high handicap golfer by any means, but it seems like every time I go out on the course, I lose at least one ball. I’ve tried every grip, every club, and spent hours on the range trying to get better. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do though; my golf game just never improves.

So, why is this happening? Well, the answer lies in the question. When you go out on the course to play golf, how often do you actually hit a perfect shot? Sure, you might get lucky every once in awhile, but when was the last time you could say that most of your shots were good enough to be on SportsCenter’s “Top Ten Plays?” If you can honestly say that and you’re still losing balls every round, then maybe your problem is with putting.

Let me tell you right now – putting is the hardest part of golf! Everyone wants to hit those long drives and make those big putts for eagle or birdie, but those long drives are only worth 2 strokes and those big putts are worth 1 stroke; if you’re not making them

Keep your eyes centered over the ball

Let your hands follow through naturally

Keep your hands low, close to the ground

Don’t force your follow through or you will tend to pull the putt left.

It’s important to make sure that you are relaxed, and not tense when putting. If you are tense, you will be less accurate, and the ball will have a tendency to go right.

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