Golf in your Lunch Break

This blog is about finding the best golf courses close to major cities.

The blog was created for people who want to play golf in their lunch break. People who work in the city and want to get a quick 9 holes in without having to spend all day driving to the course.

Each post reviews a course that is less than an hour away from a major city (eg Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane).

More and more people are taking up golf, with many seeing it as a great way to stay fit and socialise with friends. However, with work and family commitments, finding the time to play can be difficult. Golf in your Lunch Break offers some tips on how you can make the most of your lunch break to get in a quick nine holes.


The key to a great round of golf is not only the quality of the course, but also how much time it takes. After all, we’re playing during our lunch break. Furthermore, we need to be able to get back to work with time to spare and try to put on a serious face.

The good news is that some of the best golf courses in Denver are close enough for you to play 18 holes and make it back before your boss wonders why you’re late. Here are some good options:

This great little 9-hole course is only a few miles from downtown Denver, making it a perfect choice for a quick round. If you’ve got time for more, they’ve got two sets of tees so you can play 18. It’s not too challenging but it’s fun and there are plenty of chances for birdies if you can hit the green in regulation.

We found this one online and couldn’t believe how close it was to downtown Denver (about 5 miles). When we walked in the pro told us about a promotion where we could play 9 holes for free after 3pm on weekdays. We couldn’t say no! The course is fairly challenging due to

I work in the city and I love to play golf. I’m looking for other like-minded professionals who have a passion for the game, but are time-poor.

I’ll be posting about the best places to play golf within short driving distance from Sydney’s CBD. All photos of clubs and courses listed on this site have been taken by me, or my friends.

Golf courses in the city can be expensive. The same is true of good golf courses that are close to town. Fortunately, there are many hidden gems amongst the suburbs. These are my favourite ones.

Reading Golf Club is a private members club so visitors must be accompanied by a member at all times. The membership fee is reasonable and the course offers good value for money. The greens are well maintained, but the fairways need improvement.

The club house has a friendly community vibe and there is onsite parking available for members.

Marlborough Park Golf Club also offers great value for money. It’s not as well maintained as Reading Golf Club but it has some testing holes that require concentration and skill to complete successfully.

There is no parking available at Marlborough Park Golf Club, so you will need to find somewhere nearby to park your car.

Barton Hill Golf Club is a bit out of the way, but it has one of the best driving ranges in the area which makes it well worth a visit if you have time to spare. There are plenty of holes to practice on and they recently replaced most of them with new turf which means they should last longer than they used to.

The club house used to be run down and old-

If you work in the city, you are probably thinking that there’s no way I can get out and play golf. That’s just not true. With the right plan and attitude, you can squeeze in a few holes during the week. This blog will show you how to make the most of your time and spend it on the course.

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