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Aqua Golf is a recreational game played on the water. The object of the game is to shoot a ball from the tee into a water hazard. The winner of the game is whoever shoots their ball into the water hazard in the least number of strokes. The player with the lowest score is declared winner. Players use a golf ball to hit towards an elevated target, typically a flagstick. They shoot their ball into a water hazard by putting it on an elevated tee and hitting it with a club that has been designed for this purpose.

There are several variations of aqua golf, including match play and stroke play formats. The most common form is Aqua Golf, which is played between two players or teams on a large field with multiple water hazards. In this form of aqua golf, each hole has its own set of hazards that must be avoided by either team before they can advance to the next hole.

Aqua Golf is played between two teams on an even-sized field with two water hazards. One team takes turns shooting balls at holes that are laid out in rows across the field. Each row represents one stroke taken by either team. When both teams have hit all their balls into their respective holes, they switch sides and begin again with their next opponent.[1]

Aqua golf is one of the very best ways to improve your game. It’s also great fun!

Golf balls float, so you can hit them into a swimming pool and retrieve them with a net. You can set up targets in the water, and practice hitting at them.

Aqua golf is an excellent way to develop your muscle memory. And because you’re not having to deal with the usual distractions that occur in a real game – such as wind, rough, bunkers, water hazards etc. – you can fully focus on perfecting the mechanics of your swing.

To play aqua golf all you need are some floating golf balls and a swimming pool. You can even use a kiddies paddling pool if you don’t have a full-size swimming pool at home!

Aqua Golf, the perfect place to learn and practice golf. Aqua Golf is a fun and inexpensive way to practice your golf swing in the water. Aqua Golf is a family-friendly environment with an arcade, snack bar, and hosting parties for birthdays, reunions, sports teams and more!

Aqua Golf has been around for over 30 years and offers a great price for a fun filled day. If you are not sure about taking on golf then Aqua Golf is the place to start. You can rent clubs by the hour or buy them at the pro shop. It’s always fun to hit our floating targets and see how many points you get.

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Aqua Golf is a fun and easy way to learn the game of golf for beginners and experts alike. Our driving range is equipped with submerged targets that pop up as you approach them in the water. This allows you to practice your swing by hitting into the water with your club, without fear of losing your balls.

Simply step up to the target, aim your shot, and take a swing! Our staff will fish out your ball from the target so you can try again. Repeat this until you have mastered your aim and are able to hit the target consistently.

Our driving range features a professional putting green where you can practice sinking shots from various distances. To play on our putting green, simply buy a bucket of balls at the counter and hit away!

Aqua Golf is the perfect introduction to golf and an exciting new way to improve your game. The Aqua Golf driving range offers a safe, fun and interactive experience that the whole family can enjoy.

You don’t need any experience to play, just a keen sense of adventure. The unique Aqua Golf balls are made from foam which makes them lightweight and easier to hit than regular golf balls. This is why many golfers use Aqua Golf as a training aid for improving their swing.

The ball floats on water, so if you hit it into the lake it’s easy to find – just look for the yellow ring floating on the surface!

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