2018 The Year of the Putter

In 2018, sub70 golf brand released their first putter, the P1. The P1 is a modified mallet putter with a double-bend shaft and double-milled face. The P1 has helped many golfers improve their game and lower their scores.

The putter features a new design which allows the golfer to adjust the weight of the head and shaft to create the perfect balance for their putting stroke. The face also features a new insert which is designed with grooves that are cut at an angle to help get the ball rolling on its intended line more easily.

I’m excited to introduce the sub70 golf 2018: The Year of the Putter. This is a unique putter that was designed for the shape of your hand. It’s ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand and give you the best possible control over your shots.

The Year of the Putter has been designed with a unique combination of features that makes it one of the most comfortable and controllable putters on the market. The grip is designed to fit perfectly in your hand, while the weighting on each side of the putter gives you greater control over where you want to hit your shots.

The Year of the Putter is available in three different models: Standard, Pro, and Elite. Each model has a different design and weighting system that makes it suitable for different types of players and their specific needs.

2018: The Year of the Putter

Our first putter was designed and released in 2018. It was a success, but not because of its design. We learned a lot from the process and it has led us to where we are today.

We started by asking the question, “What makes a great putter?” If you ask golfers this question most of them will answer, “I don’t know.” They may have an idea about what makes for a great putter, but they can’t really explain it. This is because putting is a feel game and there is no one size fits all solution.

We then asked the same question to dozens of PGA Tour Professionals and LPGA Tour Professionals. Most of them gave us similar answers: “A great putter needs to be well balanced with a large sweet spot and roll the ball cleanly off the face.”

We also asked them what their favorite putter was and why? Almost all of them said, “It’s whatever I happen to be putting well with at the time.” But one player told us that his favorite putter was one he had used for years and has become part of his identity on the course. He loved how it looked at address and how it felt when

sub70 Golf is founded by a group of golfers who are obsessed with the game. At sub70, we believe that good quality golf equipment should be accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to make premium golf equipment at affordable prices to help more people get out on the course and experience the fun of the game.

sub70 Golf’s first product is our C7 putter – a fully customisable putter that has been designed to improve your putting stroke and lower your scores.

We are also developing new products which will be released in 2019: an adjustable driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

All the big putter companies have some form of alignment aid, or a design feature that helps the golfer line up the putter to the target. sub70 golf has a different philosophy; our design ethos is to create putters that look good behind the ball and are also soft on impact.

The 2018 Evnroll ER1 is a prime example of this ideology. This is a face balanced mallet with no alignment aids, no gimmicks and no distractions. The pure minimalist design allows the golfer to rely on their eye and feel, totally immersed in nothing but their putting stroke.

I love this putter! It has been my gamer for almost a year now and I have played with it in all 4 rounds of my club championships. I couldn’t be more confident over short and medium range putts. The feedback from longer putts, even from off centre strikes, has been excellent too!

I am not one for putting stats as I feel they can get far too complicated and long winded, but I have been holing more than 50% from 3-10ft since I began using this putter. That is all you need to know!

This season I am going to be working closely with sub70 golf and will be

A year ago, I started a journey to make a putter that would help golfers of all abilities sink more putts on the course. The first prototype was a success, but I wanted to push it further and make something truly special. That’s why I’m excited to announce my second-ever putter: The 2018 sub70 Proto.

This is the first major update since I launched the original sub70 Proto in January 2018. It has a new look, feel and layout.

The original Proto was designed with the “feel” golfer in mind. It was a blade-style putter with a small, simple design and no frills. My goal was to create something that would help you focus on what matters most: making putts.

The new Proto has a slightly different look and feel. It features two new features: an alignment line on the top of the face, and an insert that makes it easier to hit long putts, especially from off the green.

I’ve also redesigned the head cover for this model, which is now made out of leather instead of cloth. The new cover features an embossed logo on the front and a diamond pattern on the backside. It’s a simple yet stylish look that will stand out

Since our inception, we have been adamant that we only want to design and build products that are relevant to golfers. That’s why we have resisted the pressure to build putters all these years.

Now after a few years of studying the current putter industry, the time is right for us to do what we do best: design and build beautiful, functional products that help people play better golf.

Our first putter is the Behemoth. It’s a head-heavy mallet putter that has forgiveness baked into its DNA. Its heavier head provides stability while its perimeter weighting creates forgiveness on missed hits. With our signature blend of handcrafted carbon steel, this is truly a putter worthy of your bag.

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