Top 5 Women Olympic Golfers of All Time

Golf has been an Olympic sport on and off since 1900. It was last played in 1904 and returned to the Olympics in 2016.

Most of the top players did not play in the 2016 Olympics, but we do have some of the best golfers of all time in our list of Top 5 Women Olympic Golfers of All Time.

These women were selected based on their performance in the Olympics as well as their overall career. Some are legendary LPGA players who were pioneers for women’s sports.

Here is our list:

1. Margaret Abbott (1900)

2. Patty Berg (1948)

3. Dorothy Campbell Hurd (1908)

4. Babe Didrikson Zaharias (1932)

5. Louise Suggs (1960)

Women golfers have had a long history with the Summer Olympic Games. In fact, women were the first to ever compete in the Olympics when they participated in 1900. Since then, a few women have won gold medals while many others walked away with silver or bronze.

To celebrate the reintroduction of golf to the Olympics games in Rio, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 women Olympic golfers of all time.

1. Margorie Ginger Cortner (USA)

2. Marlene Stewart Streit (Canada)

3. Dorothy Campbell Hurd Howe (Great Britain)

4. Nicki Colsaerts (Belgium)

5. Giulia Sergas (Italy)

The Olympics are fast approaching and golf is taking center stage. If the current rankings hold, India will see six of the top 10 men’s golfers in the world at the 2016 games. But what about women’s golf? The Olympics has a long history of great women’s golfers who have taken home the gold.

Here are our picks for top 5 women Olympic golfers of all time:

1. Babe Didrikson Zaharias (1932): Babe Didrikson Zaharias is considered one of the greatest athletes in American history, winning two gold medals and one silver medal in track and field during the 1932 Summer Olympics. After retiring from track and field, she set her sights on a new sport—golf.

Zaharias was one of 13 women to compete in the first-ever Olympic golf tournament held at the Pradera Golf Club in Los Angeles, California. She finished 11th in scoring with an average of 86 strokes per round, improving her score by three strokes each day. She would go on to win 10 LPGA major championships before her death in 1956.

By Rachael Stella

Last updated on 1st May 2020

If you love golf and the Olympic Games, 2020 has been an exciting year because after a 112-year layoff, golf is back in the Olympics. For the first time since 1904, when the second modern Olympics took place in St. Louis, the best golfers in the world are in Rio de Janeiro competing for Olympic gold and silver medals.

The first two winners of women’s Olympic golf were American Margaret Abbott and Canadian George Lyon. Neither became professional golfers; Abbott’s victory was for a nine-hole tournament and Lyon’s for an individual stroke play contest.

Abbott was an amateur golfer who also played tennis and was an accomplished pianist. She died in 1955 at age 67 before women’s Olympic golf returned to the Games in 2016. Lyon turned professional after his win and later became the head pro at Oakdale Golf Club near Toronto. He died in 1955 at age 91.

Here are five top women’s Olympic golfers throughout history:

Katherine Hull (2004)

Katherine Hull won gold for Australia in 2004 when her team defeated Sweden by 2 points. Her first major championship win came a year later at the

The Olympics are upon us, and golf is making its first appearance since 1904 in the games. In fact, it has been 112 years since Francis Ouimet won the gold medal for the United States. We had to look back in our own archives to find out what happened in that first Olympic golf tournament.

As we revisit the past, let’s look at five women Olympians that took home gold for their countries or earned an Olympic medal. It is hard to compare golfers from different eras because equipment has changed so much, but these five women all excelled during their time playing the game of golf.

Annika Sorenstam (Sweden)

Sorenstam was a three-time gold medal winner for Sweden in 2000, 2004, and 2008. She was a no-brainer pick for her country as she was ranked number one in the world from 2001-2006 and 2008-2010. She earned silver at the 2016 Olympics when she was an assistant coach to Marcus Granberg who also won silver in 2016. She played 349 tournaments worldwide and won 92 of them during her career. She is one of seven women to win five consecutive major championships during her career with wins at the U.S Open, British Open, and LPGA Championship

It’s time for the Olympics again! This year, Rio will be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics. It has been 112 years since golf was last in the Olympics, in 1904, and many of the top golfers are already gearing up to compete. With much ado about the lack of female athletes competing at this Olympic event, it’s a good time to look back at some of the best women’s golfers in recent history.

Between 1900-1906, two different women were presented with individual medal awards for their first place finishes in golf. Charlotte Cooper won in 1900 and Margaret Abbott won in 1900. Four years later, Abbott won gold again as part of a mixed team. Since then, no women have been awarded medals for their performance on the golf course during the Olympics. (This is partly because there weren’t any women competing in golf between 1908 and 2016.)

So this year is a big deal for women’s golf! There are 60 men and 60 women ready to tee up at Rio to make history as modern Olympic champions. Here are some of the top female athletes who have made history in women’s golf throughout the past century:

Golf is a sport that has been around since the 15th century. It has evolved over the years and women have become prominent in the sport. Many women golfers have not only won many tournaments but also made history in the sport.

Below are some of the most famous female golfers in the history of Olympics:

1. Michelle Wie

2. Inbee Park

3. Lydia Ko

4. Suzann Pettersen

5. Lexi Thompson

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