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I’m amazed at how much some people actually care about their golf scores. The last time I had a conversation with someone who played golf, he told me how frustrated he was that he’d been playing for several years, but still couldn’t get his handicap below 17.

“What is the point of this?” I asked him. “If you want to exercise, just get a treadmill and a Wii Fit. If you want to socialize, go to a bar or join a club or something.”

He looked at me like I was crazy. “You just don’t get it,” he said. “I love the game.”

Love is not rational. But if you are going to spend hours of your life trying to hit a tiny ball into an even tinier hole, I think the least you can do is use some technology to help your score. Here are my recommendations:

Future Golf Technologies is a blog on the latest technologies in golf. Our mission is to optimize the game of golf through technology. We want to bring the best and most innovative products to golfers everywhere. Whether you are a professional golfer, or a casual player, we want to help you improve your game.

Future Golf Technologies is not only a blog but also a community of golf enthusiasts who love learning about the latest and greatest technologies in the golf industry. We encourage readers to message us with any questions they have regarding our products, or any questions they may have about their own game of golf. We want to be able to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible and get you ready for the course!

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Future Golf Technologies is a blog focused on the latest technologies in golf. We aim to provide the best content for golfers of all skill levels. From pro-level gadgets to casual accessories, there’s something for everyone.

We have been covering the latest golf trends since 2007 and we are located in San Francisco, California.

Future Golf Technologies is a blog about the latest golf technologies and how they will impact the game of golf.

Future Golf Technologies is a blog about the latest golf technologies and how they will impact the game of golf.

Future Golf Technologies is a blog about the latest golf technologies and how they will impact the game of golf.

This season, golfers from the PGA to the LPGA are using a variety of new technologies to help them improve their game. From Tiger Woods’ new Odyssey putter to Tiger’s new Nike golf balls, here is a list of some new technologies that may be coming soon to a course near you.

Odyssey putters. Odyssey has long been known for its metal putters but now it’s getting into the graphite business. The company has developed an innovative “tri-metal” alloy that combines titanium, aluminum and graphite. It looks like titanium but has all the strength of steel.

Nike golf balls. Nike’s new golf ball, the Nike Tour Distance Plus, features a novel new technology: a titanium core and an aluminum cover. The ball was developed by Dr. Alan Hocknell, who spent his career at NASA developing rockets before turning his attention to golf ball design at Nike.

Invest in companies that make these products!

The future of golf may not be far from us. For example, the future of golf will bring with it more technology, specifically more wearable and automated technology. Wearable technologies, such as GPS watches and smart shoes, will help golfers improve their skills by tracking aspects of their game that were previously invisible to them. Furthermore, these devices will be capable of connecting players to a large social network that can offer support and advice to one another in an effort to improve their games. Automated technologies, such as robotic caddies and flying cameras, will make the sport more exciting by taking on burdensome tasks currently assigned to human workers, allowing them to focus on improving the customer experience.

Wearable technologies are already being developed for use in golf. These devices take advantage of existing wireless communication protocols and cloud computing services to improve a golfer’s performance by tracking elements of his or her game that are otherwise invisible. One device that does this is the Game Golf system developed by Mark Cuban and Chris Waters (from Shark Tank). This system employs computerized tags attached to each club (or embedded in the grip), which communicate via RFID with a small portable receiver located on the player’s belt. Each tag contains information about the club’s specific shot distance characteristics that help calculate a

Golf has been a game of skill, strategy and tradition since the 15th century. It is one of the few games in which players call penalties on themselves. Golf is a game of honor, where players compete against themselves and each other for the lowest score possible.

It is also a game that has evolved with technology. The first golf ball was made of feathers stuffed into a leather ball. Over time, golf balls became solid rubber, then they became dimpled to reduce air resistance. Golf clubs have been made from wood, metal, graphite and titanium.

The latest innovations in golf technology are changing how players learn the game, practice their swing and approach each shot on the course.

At some point in the future it will be hard to imagine playing golf without using technology to improve your score and overall experience on the course.

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