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Dino Golf is an indoor miniature golf course located in the middle of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The course is themed as a city and dinosaurs, which are portrayed as humans. The course also has an arcade and a snack bar for extra entertainment for customers.

Dino Golf was founded in 1964 by Herbert D. Diller initially as a 9-hole miniature golf course. In 1967, the course was expanded to 18-holes. Dino Golf does not advertise much, however it does have its own website and Facebook page which is used mostly to update information about the hours of operation and special event dates that are hosted at the facility; such as parties and corporate events. Dino Golf is one of the few indoor miniature golf courses in the area so it is able to attract people from all over Western Pennsylvania. The price of admission is $6 per person and this includes unlimited rounds on the miniature golf course. Dino Golf also has a small arcade with air hockey tables, skeeball machines, racing games, etc., and a snack bar with pizza, fries, drinks, ice cream novelties and more.

Dino Golf can be found at 3491 Saw Mill Run Blvd near the intersection with West Liberty Avenue in Beechview (Pittsburgh), PA 15227.

Dino Golf is an indoor, 18 hole, par 70 golf course. On this course you will find some of the most creative holes you have ever played. We have waterfalls, rivers, bridges, caves and many other things that make golf exciting and fun again.

We also offer a pro shop which has a full line of golf accessories (everything but clubs) on sale. This includes balls, putters, gloves, windshirts and much more. There are always sales going on at the pro shop so check it out often!

Dino Golf is located in Central California in the city of Los Banos. We are easily accessible from all parts of California as we are located about 1 hour from San Francisco and Sacramento. Our address is: 1544 H Street Los Banos CA 93635

Dino Golf, the coolest and most fun golfing adventure in all of Orange County. Dino Golf is a dinosaur-themed miniature golf course featuring a giant volcano, prehistoric plants and dinosaurs.

We have three 18-hole courses (54 holes) to choose from! Each course is themed with its own unique dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. It’s realistic and fun!

We have special rates for groups of 10 or more. We also cater to birthday parties, group events, family outings, field trips, church groups and any other group that wants to have a great time at Dino Golf!

Dino Golf features three beautiful 18-hole courses with gorgeous landscaping, waterfalls and lots of fun activities! There are 3 different courses: Dinosaur Trail, T-Rex Trail and Caveman Trail.

As a kid, I always loved playing mini golf. My family and I would go to the same course every summer and we would have our own little tournament. The course was always beautifully landscaped and very family friendly. As I got older, I found that there were more courses that were more challenging, but not as fun and exciting as my first course. Some courses are made for adults and some are made for children, but very few are made for both. Dino Golf is one of those courses.

Dino Golf is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles in the Arts District. The course itself is quite small, however each hole has a dino theme to it with concrete dinosaurs lining up each hole. Each hole also has a difficulty level ranging from 1-3 stars making it very family friendly! The course is clean and well kept with plenty of parking surrounding the area (there is also a parking lot 2 blocks away at an affordable price).

The staff was very friendly and helpful when we asked questions about the course or anything else. They explained some of the rules before we got started and they even offered us some putters from their collection! (I chose a pink one because it matched my shirt).

This golf course is perfect for those who want to

Dino Golf is mini golf in the city. It’s an 18-hole mini golf course designed by local artists and built entirely by volunteers. Dino Golf was installed on SW Park Ave at 10th Street in downtown Portland, Oregon, in May of 2003, and operated for a year. The exhibit was removed in June of 2004.

A new golf course located in Rochdale that has a dinosaur theme. It is the first of it’s kind and is home to many species of dinosaurs ranging from the extinct velociraptors to the ever-popular T-rex.

The course is located near many other popular attractions including the Rochdale town hall, Touchstones art gallery, and the famous Riverside Road. Dino Golf is open from 10:30am until 6pm and does not require a reservation. The price for adults is £7.50 and for children it’s £5.00.

Ever since he was a little kid, Noah has loved dinosaurs.

However, his parents really wanted him to be a doctor like them. They even bought him an expensive medical kit for his birthday and everything! But Noah just wasn’t interested in being a doctor.

One day, Noah’s parents sat down with him and asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Noah was so excited that they were finally listening to him! He said “I want to make dinosaur-themed mini golf courses!”.

Noah’s parents weren’t impressed. They told him that he should come up with a more ‘realistic’ job, or else he wouldn’t get any money from them. Noah shrugged and went back to drawing dinosaurs on his napkins at the dinner table.

But then one day, Noah walked into a mini golf course and saw something incredible: there was a dinosaur-themed mini golf course! It was just like the one that he had been dreaming about for years! And it looked like so much fun to play!

Noah knew that this was what he wanted to do with his life. He rushed home and told his parents all about it over dinner. His parents were still hesitant at first, but then they decided that they would

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