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In Flappy Golf you are trying to get the golf ball into the hole. Sounds kinda like mini golf right? Well… no, not really. You see, in Flappy Golf you don’t have to use a club or anything like that. You just have to guide your ball through obstacles by tapping on the screen (or clicking on your mouse for people who prefer to play on their computers) and if you make it into the hole without hitting anything you get a star (and I must admit, I’m addicted to getting those stars).

To guide your ball through the obstacle course you need to tap or click on your ball when it is close enough to an obstacle so it will go over or around it but not hit it. Now, when I say obstacle course I mean obstacle course. There are walls, bridges, pipes and more! And they’re all there to stop you from getting your precious stars… They’re also there to keep you entertained because trust me – after playing a couple of levels you’ll realize that these levels are hard! At least at first…

After playing a couple of levels and getting used to the game you’ll start feeling more confident. You might even think that ”

Flappy Golf is a game that was created by Noodlecake Studios, as well as Green Island Games. This game was developed and released under the name of Flappy Golf, with a sequel called Flappy Golf 2. The game is based on the original Super Stickman Golf 3 and includes many unique features to make it flappier than the rest.

Flappy Golf is a game where you can choose your favorite character and then go play golf. It may seem like a very simple concept but there are so many different things to do in this game and it really makes it stand out from all of the other golf games available.

Flappy Golf is a very simple yet fun game that has been around for over three years now. The game has received many updates since its release, with new content being added every month or so.

Flappy Golf is the latest in the Flappy series of games, and it takes what made the original so addicting and makes it into a golf game. The controls are the same, meaning that you just tap on the screen to make your flappy bird character flap its wings. However, where the original game was about getting as far as you could, this game is about going for a hole in one. You are given a course, and you have to get as close to the hole as possible with each shot by landing on moving platforms. Each time you land on a platform you add 1 to your score, so it’s better to land on several platforms than just missing them all and getting a hole in one.

The graphics are very much like the original game, but with a golf theme. The game has a very simple control scheme, which works well for the type of game it is. I didn’t find any lag at all when playing this game, which was nice. This is definitely an improvement over other Flappy games I’ve played that were plagued with lag and random pauses. The music wasn’t anything special either; it sounded like something you would hear in an elevator or on hold while waiting for customer service to pick up.

The best thing about

All you have to do is tap the screen to make your ball fly up and keep it in the air. The game has been described as a mixture of Flappy Bird and Super Stickman Golf 2.

The aim of the game is the same as regular golf: get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. However, in Flappy Golf you do not have any control over where your ball will go once it starts rolling. You only have control over how far it goes when you launch it from its starting position.

The first thing that becomes obvious when you start playing is how difficult it is to actually get a hole-in-one. Every hole has a different course, with some being very easy, some requiring multiple tries and some being almost impossible to complete without at least two or three attempts.

To add to the difficulty there are also hazards on many of the holes, such as water, which will cost you a stroke if hit, or blocks which will cause you to lose your ball completely. The hazards are mostly avoidable however, so they should be treated more as challenges than genuine obstacles.

Flappy Golf also includes daily challenges: every day there is a new set of holes to play and rankings for each one based on how many

Flappy Golf is a mobile game released on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. This is a casual game where you navigate your golf ball through an obstacle course by tapping on the screen.

This is a very addicting game with many different levels available in two different modes: normal and flappy. In normal mode you only have to hit your ball into the hole, but in flappy mode you have to use pipes that are like those found in the popular game Flappy Bird. The developer for this game is Noodlecake Studios who also made many other games such as Punch Quest and Super Stickman Golf 2.

In this game you are able to play as 5 different characters from other games made by Noodlecake Studios. You can unlock more characters as you play through each level. You are also able to change the color of your ball by collecting stars throughout each course or buying them with coins which can be earned by completing courses or bought with real life money (this goes for characters too). The two modes both have their own separate levels but the same characters can be used for both modes.

The graphics are really good for a mobile app game like this one. There isn’t much sound except when you hit something or fall off the screen but

Flappy Golf is a wonderful game that is great for all ages.I would rate it 5 stars because of the different types of games and levels you can play in. The game has a lot of different features that makes it very entertaining. Flappy golf is a very fun game to play and there are many features that makes the game very interesting.

Flappy Golf is a wonderful game that is great for all ages. I would rate it 5 stars because of the different types of games and levels you can play in. The game has a lot of different features that makes it very entertaining. Flappy golf is a very fun game to play and there are many features that makes the game very interesting.

The most important feature about Flappy golf is its simplicity; this makes it easy for anyone to understand how the game works. You just have to tap the screen when you want the ball to go forward and tap again when you want it to go back. There are no complicated mechanics like other games which require lots of practice before you can master them. The only thing required from players here is patience which they will learn while playing this amazing game!

Flappy Golf is the new game from the makers of Flappy Bird. They decided to take their game and make something completely different with it. Instead of the original point-based game, they made a version that is similar to Super Stickman Golf in that you have to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible.

Unlike Super Stickman Golf, Flappy Golf makes use of the physics engine used in Flappy Bird. This means that there are no windmills or other obstacles like in SSG. Instead, there are only pipes. You have control over how you want to hit the ball and can adjust your angle and power to get around or through the obstacles. There are three main courses: 9-Hole, 18-Hole, and Par 3. The courses are all based off of those found in Super Stickman Golf 2. The only difference is that some of them have pipes added for more of a challenge.

There are also some secret holes that can be unlocked by collecting stars during each round. These stars can be obtained by getting a birdie on every hole in a course or hitting a target during a round. The secret holes add even more challenge than the regular ones do because they often require you to figure out what

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