Golfers Beware, the 2017 Golf Season is Starting

Golfers Beware, the 2017 Golf Season is Starting

This blog is directed towards those golf enthusiasts that are still in hibernation from the winter. It is time to start getting ready for the 2017 golf season. Here are some of my tips to help get you ready. There are many ways to prepare yourself for the new golf season. One way is to make sure you have all of your gear and tools ready to go. Check your golf bag to make sure all zippers work, and that there are no tears in the bag itself. Secondly, make sure you have enough golf balls and tees for your first round of golf. Another good idea is to purchase a new pair of spikes if they need replacing or if they have worn down during last years season. What better way to start the new season than with a brand new pair of spikes?

If you are looking for some practice before hitting the course, try visiting a driving range near you or maybe even playing a round of footgolf before hitting the links! You can find a 9 hole course near you by clicking here: .

Golfers Beware, the 2017 Golf Season is Starting

The 2017 golf season is upon us! It’s time to get those clubs out and dust off the cobwebs. The first round of the year is always special. It’s a chance to reconnect with our favorite game and get back in touch with Mother Nature.

If you’re like me, you’re probably excited about getting back on the course, but a bit apprehensive as well. After all, we’ve had a long winter away from our clubs, and now it’s time to hit the ground running. Before you head back out to the course there are some things you’ll want to do to make sure your swing is ready for action.

Now that winter is almost over, the 2017 golf season will soon be upon us. It’s time to dust off those clubs, start practicing your swing and find a 9 hole golf course near me to play at. Here are some tips to help you make the most of this years golf season.

Golfers Beware!

While we have all been trapped inside during the winter months, our lawns have been sitting dormant in the cold weather. Now that spring is here and our lawns are starting to come back to life, it’s time for golfers beware! As you head out onto the course this year, be prepared for some surprises.

The grass growing on your local 9 hole golf course near me may be taller than normal this year. This is because many of those who maintain our courses take advantage of the down time during the winter months to renovate them by reseeding and otherwise repairing any problem areas. All of this new grass means more maintenance at first before these new lawns start to mature and play normally again.

If you see any bare spots or brown grass as you’re heading onto a 9 hole golf course near me this year, don’t worry about it too much. It’s probably just filled with new growth that hasn’t come in yet

It’s getting to be that time of the year again. Time to dust off the clubs and get back out on the links. I’ve been keeping an eye on the weather lately because it’s starting to look like spring here in New Jersey, and if the weather holds up, the 2017 golf season will be starting soon. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for this moment all winter long. The only thing better than a day of golfing during the season is a day of golfing on opening day.

But before we can start thinking about our first round of golf this season, there are still some preparations we have to do. In case you haven’t noticed, springtime is also mud season here in New Jersey. It’s very important that you don’t go running out onto your local course until it has completely dried out from all of last year’s rainstorms and snowfall. If you step onto a course before it’s dried out enough, you’re not just risking damaging your clubs and getting muddy water all over yourself, but you could also severely damage the course as well!

That being said, I think it’s safe to say that most courses here in New Jersey should be good to go sometime within the next two weeks or so. But

This week in Northern Michigan, the weather is getting warmer, the grass is starting to turn green, and golfers are getting their clubs out and ready to go. This means that the 2017 golf season is upon us!

Spring is a great time to get out on the course and practice some of those skills you may have neglected during the off-season. It’s also a great time to reacquaint yourself with old friends and make some new ones.

The first step to getting your game up to par for this years golf season is to get a quality set of clubs. If you’re looking for new gear, check out our large selection of preowned sets. We have quality pre-owned drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, iron sets, wedges, putters and more from top brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist and Ping. We also have a wide variety of pre-owned bags and golf balls available at discounted prices.

If you’ve got all your equipment ready to go but need help working on your swing or putting stroke, head on over to our lessons page where you can book an appointment with one of our excellent instructors today!

As the winter slowly comes to an end, golfers from all around the country begin to open their eyes, unzip their bags and dust off the clubs. The time has come for them to once again hit the golf course. But before you break out the clubs there are some things you have to do to get ready for your first round of 2017.

One of the most important things you can do is check your clubs and make sure they need nothing other than a good cleaning and some fresh grips. If they look good then it’s time to start hitting some balls. The next thing you want to do is take a look at your golf bag and make sure it still looks good, if not then maybe you should consider buying a new bag, because after all it is your home on the course. Another thing that will help with your game is getting some lessons at a local driving range or even better yet sign up with a local golf professional for some weekly lessons.

Spring is finally here, or at least it should be by the time you read this. It has been a very cold winter in many parts of the country and spring is coming slowly. Golfers are chomping at the bit to get out onto their local golf courses.

A few years ago I had an epiphany while playing golf. I was playing a round of golf with my son and he remarked that there is a big difference between hitting the ball straight and hitting the ball long. That may seem like an obvious statement to most people, but until that moment I had never really thought about it in those terms.

I realized that every time I try to hit the ball as far as I can, I invariably hit it into the trees or water or sand traps. When I just try to hit the ball straight, more often than not it goes long and straight!

So now when we play together, if one of us hits a really good shot we say “straight”, -even if it goes miles past our opponent’s ball!

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