7 Strange Ways To Play Disc Golf

Disc Golf is the sport of throwing a disc (a.k.a. Frisbee) from a specific location to a target basket, and it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The sport has been around for decades, and over that time, there have been many unique variations developed by players in their own backyards and parks. Many of these games are no longer played, but some have become popular enough to be standardized into their own variants of disc golf.

Below are seven strange ways to play disc golf:

Disc golf is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with friends, family and co-workers. However, there are many weird ways to play the game too.

5. Outtakes – Make a few silly rules for the group to follow. For example: You must throw left handed on every other hole, jump 3 times before throwing or only throw discs that you find in nature (no discs allowed!).

6. Chopped – Combine two of your favorite game variations and play them together! Here are a few ideas…

1) CTP + 9’s: Play a round of 9’s but make all 9’s count as CTP’s.

2) Par + High/Low: Play a round of High/Low but only keep your high scores on par holes and your low scores on bogie holes.

3) Stroke + 9’s: Play a round of 9’s but count each hole like its stroke play (like golf). The person with the lowest score wins!

7. Speed Disc Golf – Speed disc golf is simple and fun! Just play through a course as fast as you can while keeping track of how many strokes each person takes! The first one back to

I first learned about Disc Golf when I was at a new years party and some people were playing it outside. Basically all you need is a Frisbee, which almost everyone has, and a Disc Golf course.

Once I started looking into it though, I realized there are many different ways to play this game. Some of them are more traditional, while other ways will make you look like a mad genius throwing frisbees in strange ways.

If you’ve ever played disc golf before, what’s the strangest or most creative way you’ve ever seen someone throw a Frisbee?

Looking for a new challenge? Try something different on your next disc golf round…

1. Play Disc Golf In The Dark

2. Play Disc Golf With A Putter Only

3. Play Disc Golf With A Mid-Range Only

4. Play Disc Golf With A Distance Driver Only

5. Play Disc Golf Over A Water Hazard

6. Play Disc Golf Without Using Your Feet

7. Play Disc Golf Around The Course Backwards

Disc golf is a strange game. It’s got a strange history, strange rules, and most of all, strange ways to play the game. Some variations are silly, some are strategic, and some will make you scratch your head in confusion.

Here are seven variations that you can use to liven up your next round, or impress (and confuse) your friends. And if you have other suggestions for playing disc golf differently, please let me know in the comments!

1. Play with mini discs

Mini discs were originally used as markers when playing doubles or other formats where partners would alternate shots until one made it into the basket. The mini was tossed on the ground where the previous thrower’s lie was and the next player started there.

This evolved into a game called “mini-marker,” where teams of two would alternate throws at each hole with their putting putters or mid-range discs until they made it into the basket with their mini disc. If you’ve got an empty field nearby and want to practice your short games when there aren’t any baskets handy, this is a great way to practice without having to bend over and retrieve your disc every time you miss a putt.

2. Play using only one disc

I call this variation

Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sports, and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun, it gets you outside, and it has great fitness benefits.

There are nearly 2,000 courses in the United States alone, with more and more being built every year.

What do you get when you mix a sport that’s fun, social and competitive? A whole lot of games!

Here are 7 games that you can play on your next round.

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